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Navtel Communications is the leading supplier of test solutions for testing IMS and VoIP networks. Navtel’s products are used by network equipment manufacturers and operators to validate core functions and perform Functional, Negative, Load, Interoperability and Regression testing of the network elements. A single Navtel InterWatch test chassis can emulate up to 384,000 unique subscribers (IP Addresses) and generate over 10 million BHCAs with 192,000 simultaneous RTP streams while performing real-time quality measurements. This unique capability allows Navtel’s customers to test “Carrier-Class” networks in a controlled environment.

Produkte und Leistungen

The InterWatch is a proprietary hardware and software based platform developed by Navtel engineers. It supports a number of protocols and interfaces and is able to generate and analyze signalling and media at line rate and in real time. Some of the key strengths of Navtel test solutions are:


bulletIndustry Highest number of Emulated Signalling Endpoints

bulletIndustry Highest Call Rate – Up to 450 Complete Calls Per Second

(Per 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port)

bulletIndustry highest number of RTP Streams per Single Chassis

bulletMost Scaleable Test Platform for Testing Voice over IP

bulletFully Integrated applications supporting both Signalling and RTPbulletSimultaneous Multi-user and Multi-application Testing Platform

bulletPrice competitiveness as a result of Unmatched Scalability, Performance and Multi-user capability

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